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Sensei David Owen

Sensei David Owen (3rd Dan)

Sensei Owen has been practising karate for over 25 years. Originally with the KUGB, he took his Dan grades under the infamous Enoeda Sensei before later joing the FBSKUI. For many years Sensei Owen has trained under the tutelage of Mark Caroll at the renowned Katsu Mi club.

During that time however, he has trained under a veritable who's-who's of Shotokan including Enoeda, Ohta, Andy Sherry, Frank Brennan, Ronnie Christopher, Dave Hazard, Osaka, Tsuyama, Abe and many more.

More recently, Sensei Owen has trained in Okinawa and Japan at the world headquarters of the JKA, Nagamines Shorin ryu Dojo and the Jundokan. 

During the late 90's and early 2000's Sensei Owen was a successful competitor winning at both Kumite and Kata and was a member of the FBSKUI national squad culminating with a 3rd place at the Funakoshi World Championships in kata and a 3rd place at the European championships in Germany in Kumite.

After a break from training to pursue an MBA, sensei Owen is now back training harder than ever and rapidily building a first class dojo here in Salisbury.