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Sensei Steve Matteson

Sensei Steve Matteson (4th Dan)

SKC St Ives’s chief instructor is Sensei Steve Matteson. He started training in karate in 1972 at a Shotokai club in Plymouth under Sensei Harada. In 1975 Steve moved to Exeter and started training at Exeter Shotokan Karate Club under Sensei Dave Collacott of the KUGB. He achieved Shodan in 1980 with Sensei Enoeda.

From 1976 to 1989 Steve competed consistently for Exeter SKC. In 1987 he was selected by Sensei Billy Higgins to compete for the Southern Area against teams from the rest of the UK. Between 1985 and 87 Steve competed for the Devon team, and also competed regularly at Crystal Palace in the National Championships for Exeter.

In 1990 Steve moved to St Ives in Cornwall where he joined a Shotokan club affiliated to the BKA and received

his Nidan there in 1995. In 1996 the sensei at St Ives moved on leaving Steve to run the club. They joined the FBSKUI where Steve was selected for the FBSKUI squad, competing nationally and internationally. In 2007 Steve achieve his Sandan at St Ives under the FBSKUI.

Steve has also travelled to Japan on four occasions and trained at the JKA honbu dojo in Tokyo, as well as dojos in Kamakura, Yawanato and Nishigahara.

SKC St Ives joined Katsu-Mi Kai Shotokan Karate in 2008 and Steve continues to train with enthusiasm for his karate with Sensei Carroll at the helm. Steve finds teaching in his club a thoroughly rewarding and fulfilling experience and looks forward to training for the rest of his life – ‘There is no retirement’.

Sensei Steve is ably supported at St Ives by his Dan grades, many of whom he has taught from the beginning. The club is also honoured to have regular visits from Sensei Owen Murray of Sunderland Sendai and Sensei Dave Hooper of the JKA.