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Yamashiro Kai joins the Katsu-Mi Kai family

Michelle Field

Penzance based club, Yamashiro Kai, has recently joined the Katsu-Mi Kai Association.

Yamashiro kai Shotokan Karate Club is situated in Penzance, Cornwall. The Club was started in 2005 and was originally a member of S.K.K.I.F. (Shotokan Karate Kanazawa-ryu International Federation) but then moved to The British Karate Association who are affiliated to the English Karate Federation and World Karate Federation.
The Club was formed by three Karateka, Instructor Jamie Pilcher (Shodan) at that time, Martin Bailey 10th kyu and Jeremy Bailey 10th kyu. Jamie started training with Penzance Shotokan Karate Club under Sensei Julian Berry in 1990, the Club then moved to St Ives, a seaside town 15 to 20 Miles away from the original location. He was awarded Shodan in 1993 By the British Karate Association to which the original club was affiliated. After training intermittently between 1995 – 1996 Jamie had to stop training for personal reasons. Wanting to continue his journey in Karate, he planned to start a club of his own in the town where he had originally trained and so “Yamashiro Kai” was born with the help of two willing students. As members of S.K.K.I.F. the club went from strength to strength and in 2007 Jamie was awarded his (Nidan) by Sensei Roger Carpenter 7th Dan. In 2010 Jamie was awarded (Sandan) by the world famous Shotokan Master Hirokazu Kanazawa 10th Dan who has always been, and remains an inspiration to all Shotokan Karateka.
We welcome Sensei Jamie, and all of his fellow members to Katsu-Mi Kai, and we very much look forward to training with you later in the year, oss!



Michelle Field

The Kata course, hosted in Devizes, was yet another roaring success – despite the snow!

Members of Katsu-Mi Kai travelled from near and far to attend this two-day kata course, as well as some keen karate-ka from various other clubs and associations. Sadly, due to the adverse weather conditions, the ‘Beast from the East 2’ put a stop to training on day two.

During the course we explored reactive and pre-emptive start points of Kanku Dai, Gankaku and Unsu, using Sensei Carrolls unique take on HAPV (Habitual Acts of Physical Violence). Everyone got stuck in and embraced Sensei Carrolls teaching methods, putting new ideas into practice and leaving with some great knowledge.

Thank you to all who attended – we look forward to seeing you at the next course!

Keep an eye on our events section and Facebook page for more 2018 courses.