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Below you will find all of the associations newsletters available to download as PDF files. Just click on the title to read and download.

Katsu-Mi Kai Newsletter May 2019 - Katsu-Mi Kai Association Update
Welcome to the first (and long awaited!) newsletter of 2019. May’s newsletter features updates from our St Ives Club along with news on the recent Legend Open Competition & local club grading/s.

Katsu-Mi Kai Newsletter November 2018 - Katsu-Mi Kai Association Update
Welcome to the third newsletter of 2018. November’s newsletter features the annual St Ives weekend course plus results from the Kyu & Dan gradings.

Katsu-Mi Kai Newsletter June 2018 - Katsu-Mi Kai Association Update
Welcome to the second newsletter of 2018. June's newsletter features the recent promotion of Sensei Steve Matteson to Vice Chairman plus a brief write up on our Salisbury club.

Katsu-Mi Kai Newsletter March 2018 - Kata Training Course with Sensei Mark Carrol & Competition Updates
Welcome to the first newsletter of 2018 - we're back! March's newsletter features recent competition results from our members plus an insight to the Weekend Kata Course held in Wiltshire earlier in March.

Katsumi-Kai Newsletter March 2015 - Kata and Bunkai course - October 2014
AFTER a very kind invitation from our friends at St Ives Shotokan Karate Club, myself and the students of Yamashiro Kai Shotokan Karate Club   Penzance) attended Katsu-Mi Kai’s kata and bunkai course held at The Tregenna Castle Hotel in St Ives.

Katsumi-Kai Newsletter October 2013 - Weekend Training Course with Sensei Mark Carroll
I BEGAN training in Shotokan Karate almost seven years ago, with the single minded aim of learning to defend myself. I wanted to be able to fight. Fairly recently I decided that I wanted to explore Shotokan more deeply, ultimately, I wanted to gain more from my karate. 

Katsumi-Kai Newsletter June 2013 - Enpi Course with Sensei Mark Carroll and Sensei Glenn Hall
AN EXCELLENT day’s training was enjoyed by all those who made the effort to attend the course in Melksham on Saturday 23rd February.;

Katsumi-Kai Newsletter March 2013 - Legend Open
ON Saturday 9th March the Legend Open Karate tournament took place at Bracknell Leisure Centre. As usual it was a very well attended event which demonstrated supremely high quality traditional Shotokan karate across all the age and ability categories...

Katsumi-Kai Newsletter January 2013 - Strength to Strength
Katsu-Mi Kai Shotokan Karate has grown over the last few years in many ways: credibility, standards and professionalism to name but a few...

Katsumi-Kai Newsletter December 2012 - Jion Kata Course 
ON 25th November 2012 60 Shotokan Karateka from the Katsu-Mi Kai group of karate clubs and the Irish Shotokan Academy met at Matravers School in Westbury to spend a day studying the Kata Jion under the tutelage of three eminent sensei...

Katsumi-Kai Newsletter November 2012 - St Ives course 2012 
Sensei Mark Carrol held a Kata Bunkai course at the Tregenna Castle Hotel, St Ives over the weekend of 5-7 Oct 2012. The course explored the meaning of the Kata Ji’in and was well attended by students from Salisbury,Cheltenham, St Ives and Melksham...

Katsumi-Kai Newsletter October 2011 - St Ives course 2011 
As most of us know who have practised Enpi kata, it has a very individual signature, appearing to many, and unusually for Shotokan, almost dance-like. Imagine then, how surprising it was to find the strong and efficient techniques unearthed by Sensei Carroll.... 

Katsumi-Kai Newsletter June 2011 - Living the history of Shotokan
Training with Sensei Takayoshi Nagamine
Part two of Martyn Chapman’s account of his visit to Okinawa with Sensei Mark Carroll, Steve Manning and Dave Owen... 

Katsumi-Kai Newsletter February 2011 - Kata the heart of Karate
MUCH mythology surrounds martial arts. Shotokan Karate is no exception to this. For all its stylisation and standardisation, the myths still follow it wherever it goes. Many people like the mysterious aspects of martial arts. I have to admit, to my great chagrin, that it is part of what attracted me to it in the first place. I wanted to learn seemingly magical techniques that would dispatch any attacker using only my little finger and a hard stare.. 

Katsumi-Kai Newsletter October 2010 - Japan trip for St Ives KarateKa 
FOUR members of St Ives Shotokan Karate Club travelled to Japan in April and trained at several dojos in and around Tokyo. Steve Matteson, Kim Nicol, David Twomlow and John Paul Bassett trained primarily at the JKA Honbu dojo in Iidabashi but were also honoured to train with Sensei Richard Heselton at his dojo in Nishigahara and Sensei Dave Hooper at his dojo in Kamakura... 

Katsumi-Kai Newsletter March 2010 - GoJu Ryu in Okinawa 
Senseis Mark Carroll, Steve Manning, Martyn Chapman and Dave Owen’s trip of a lifetime
We arrived in Okinawa in the evening on Friday and were met by Glenn McIlvride, who was our landlord for our stay and would introduce us to the Jundokan dojo which was supposed to be close to our apartments... 

Katsumi-Kai Newsletter November 2009 - St Ives Course 2009
ONCE again Katsu-Mi Kai held its annual three day Gasshaku in St Ives and Chief Instructor Sensei Mark Carroll was ably assisted by Senseis Steve Manning, Lionel Wheeler, Martyn Chapman and Joe Howe. The whole course was based on the kata Heian Nidan... 

Katsumi-Kai Newsletter May 2009 - An inspiring visit to Japan 
TWO members of St Ives Shotokan Karate Club had an unforgettable experience in March when they were lucky enough to visit Japan for the third time.

With the generous help and assistance of their friend Sensei Dave Hooper, who has lived in Tokyo and trained at the JKA for over 30 years, SKC St Ives instructor Steve Matteson and Kim Nicol were able to train at dojos which, without Sensei Hooper, would have been very difficult for an occasional visitor to Japan... 

Katsumi-Kai Newsletter March 2009 - Katsu-Mi Kai Competition 
There was an excellent turnout for the first competition hosted by Katsu-Mi Kai Karate, even though the weather left a few people with no option but to stay at home.

It was also very well attended and supported by parents. Before the competition got under way various senior members of the Katsu-Mi sat their Referees and Judges exam. They then officiated for the rest of the day as the practical part of their exam... 

Katsumi-Kai Newsletter February 2009 - Kanku Sho Bunkai Course 
KATSU-MI Kai’s first course of 2009 was held at Taunton on January 17 and was based around the bunkai of the kata Kanku Sho. The amount of research and work which Sensei Carroll puts into his courses really becomes apparent the more of his courses one attends, and this one was no exception... 

Katsumi-Kai Newsletter December 2008 - St Ives Gasshaku Weekend Training Course 
ST IVES was the venue for the first Gasshaku held by Katsu-Mi Kai Shotokan Karate. Sensei Mark Carroll, Sensei Steve Manning and Sensei Lionel Wheeler, along with other seniors from Katsu-Mi Kai, travelled to St Ives, Cornwall for a weekend of training and there was also a good turnout from SKC St Ives members... 

Katsumi-Kai Newsletter November 2008 - Sensei Dave Hooper visits the UK
SENSEI Dave Hooper of the Japan Karate Association made one of his whistle-stop visits to the UK in August where he taught sessions along the length and breadth of the country. These included a visit to St Ives, where he took a session and enjoyed a short break, and also Glastonbury where Sensei Carroll and other Katsu- Mi Kai members joined him...

Katsumi-Kai Newsletter August 2008 - Home Sweet Dojo
Britain! Britain! Britain! How lovely it was to be back in Britain! We were a bit concerned about training after not donning a gi for two years, but there was no way we were going to visit the UK without training with Sensei Mark! He eased us back into the dojo scene with a smashing party at Shelly’s pub in Wroughton... 

Katsumi-Kai Newsletter July 2008 - Training & Grading
SATURDAY, June 14th saw another inspiring and thought provoking course, courtesy of Sensei’s Mark Carroll, Lionel Wheeler and Steve Manning. Held at Taunton Wellsprings Leisure Centre, the course was not only well supported by members of Katsu-Mi Kai Karate Association but also had the privilege of being joined by Sensei Norman and a contingent of dan grades from his club in Taunton... 

Katsumi-Kai Newsletter June 2008 - Sensei Ube Course
THE course introduction was made and the class was split into two with the Senior Class having Sensei Steve Ube for the first two hours. Class began with a simple punching exercise which enabled Sensei to stroll around and look at what the students were doing with their hips whilst punching. He noticed that some students were punching with their hips in the return phase of movement as opposed to the hip moving forward to power the punch. We then tried the exercise again, correctly, to Sensei's satisfaction. He then introduced us to a few simple combinations to illustrate the point he wanted to make... 

Katsumi-Kai Newsletter April 2008 - Sensei Carroll welcomes you to Katsu-mi Kai Shotokan Karate
Sensei Mark Carroll would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Katsu-Mi Kai Shotokan Karate and the association’s first newsletter.
Along with Sensei Lionel Wheeler and Sensei Steve Manning, Sensei Carroll aims to encourage people from being insular in their own club and bring good Shotokan to the fore by making courses more interesting and by having a range of different clubs to train with. Hopefully this will encourage and promote a good standard and attitude...