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Sensei Lionel Wheeler

Sensei Lionel Wheeler (5th Dan)

SENSEI Wheeler started his Karate career in 1978 when he began training at the Trowbridge Karate Club under the in- struction of Peter Bull 2nd Dan. Trowbridge Karate Club was a member of the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB).

Sensei Wheeler graded Novice to 2nd Kyu between 1978 – 1981 under Tomita Sensei. He graded from 1st kyu to 3rd Dan under Enoeda Sensei.

He was a founder member of the Warminster Shotokan Karate Club which started in late 1978. Sensei Wheeler took over running the club in 1983 when he became a 1st  Dan; running the club single handedly until its close in September.

2007. In the time that he ran the club Sensei Wheeler had the pleasure of not only teaching some of the chil- dren of the original members but in one case teaching three generations of the same family.

He qualified as a Judge with the KUGB in 1986. In 1994 he joined the British Shotokan Karate Union (BSKU) where he became a member of the Executive and Technical Committee passing his Referee’s qualifi- cation in the same year. In 1995 he became sole Referee and Judges Examiner for the BSKU.

In 1997 he left the BSKU and joined SEKO/NAKMAS with whom he gained his 4th Dan and 5th Dan qualifications.

Sensei Wheeler has travelled all over the UK as a National Referee. After passing his qualification to become an Interna- tional Referee and Judge (holding a Grade A Referee’s qual- ification in Kata and Kumite) he travelled to many European countries to participate in competitions and courses run by other karate organisations; in several instances being the Chief Referee.   In the years since he started Refereeing he has earned a reputation among his peers for being fair mind- ed and impartial.

During the last 30 years he has trained with many of the top JKA Instructors; namely Sensei’s Enoeda, Kase, Shiri, Tana- ka, Yahara, Tobata and Ota. He has also trained with many top British Instructors; namely Sensei’s Andy Sherry, Terry O’Neil, Bob Poynton, Frank Brennan, Billy Higgins and Harry Cook.  The most senior JKA instructor that Sensei Wheeler has had the pleasure to train with was Nakayama Sensei.

Sensei Wheeler was invited to join Katsu Mi Kai by Sensei Carroll in March 2008. He holds the position of Chairman.